Wellington RC 3 December 2022 – R4 – Ashvin Mudhoo

ID: RIB14110

Ashvin Mudhoo - Apprentice Jockey

Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward

Mr N McCutcheon (Chair) and Mr D Anderson

Persons Present:
Mr A Mudhoo, Mrs L Allpress - assisting Mr Mudhoo, Mr C Lammas - Jockey, Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Riding

638(1)(d) - Riding/driving infringement

Not Admitted

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Wellington Racing Club

Race Location:
Trentham - 10 Racecourse Rd, Upper Hutt, 5018

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Trentham Racecourse

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Apprentice Jockey Ashvin Mudhoo is suspended for 6 days


Following Race 4, Information A15599 was filed with the Adjudicative Committee.

It was alleged that Mr Mudhoo allowed his mount “BODACIOUS KATE” to shift in when not clear of “DAPPER” (C Lammas), who was crowded and checked near the 375m.

Mr Mudhoo, assisted by Mrs Allpress, said that he understood the Rule and the charge.

Mr Mudhoo confirmed that he denied the charge.

Due to the charge being denied, the Adjudicative Committee Chair advised Mr Mudhoo of his rights.


Mr Davidson showed all film replays and said that in the run down the chute, Mr Mudhoo was in the lead and racing away from the fence a little, with Mr C Lammas racing behind and to the inside of Mr Mudhoo’s mount “BODACIOUS KATE”.

He said that they then came onto the rail at the 375m, and that Mr Mudhoo’s mount was one-off the fence with room for Mr Lammas to improve into.  He said Mr Lammas shifted into the gap and then Mr Mudhoo’s mount shifted in towards the rail, with Mr Lammas running out of room and having to check his mount.

Mr Lammas was called as a witness.  He said that Mr Mudhoo had stayed off the fence by half a width for the whole race and then after going over the crossing, a gap opened up more.  He said he then went up ¾ length inside Mr Mudhoo’s mount.  He said that he then shifted back to the rail and he was checked.

Mrs Allpress said that Mr Mudhoo was always ½ width off the fence.  When coming across the junction, Mr Lammas moved up inside as there was no running rail.  She said that there was a marginal gap only for a two-year-old.

Mrs Allpress added that Mr Mudhoo tried to maintain one-off position.

Mr Mudhoo said that he was surprised when Mr Lammas yelled inside him, as there was hardly any room inside him.


Mr Goodwin said that Mr Lammas was entitled to go inside Mr Mudhoo, as his horse ran out and left a gap.  He said that the head-on film was quite telling, as there was gradual inward movement from Mr Mudhoo’s mount and that Mr Lammas’ mount made contact with the rail for some distance.  He added that the films clearly showed Mr Lammas was in the gap.

Mrs Allpress said that Mr Lammas took advantage of coming across the junction where there was not any running rail, and that there was insufficient room for him when meeting up with the rail.  She added that Mr Mudhoo has learnt a lesson with no running rail and this should be reflected in the suspension.


The Adjudicative Committee gave due consideration to all of the evidence including the film replays.

The Adjudicative Committee found that in the run down the chute, Mr Mudhoo and his mount raced ½ a horse width away from the rail.  Then after racing across the junction and meeting up with the main running rail, Mr Mudhoo was racing one horse-width off the rail.

There was clear room for Mr Lammas to improve his mount into.

Mr Lammas got up inside Mr Mudhoo, which he was entitled to do, and then Mr Mudhoo gradually shifted in to be alongside of the rail.  This movement resulted in Mr Lammas and his mount running out of racing room and having to be checked.


The charge preferred against Apprentice Jockey Mr Ashvin Mudhoo was proved.


Mr Goodwin said that Mr Mudhoo had had 900 rides without any careless riding breaches which is a remarkable record.  He said that it was a gradual inward movement by Mr Mudhoo.  He asked the Adjudicative Committee to take into account that it was a Group II Race.  He placed the careless riding below mid-range.

Mrs Allpress said that Ms Mudhoo has an excellent record, is a busy Rider and does not cause trouble.


The Adjudicative Committee placed the carelessness just below mid-range.

Taken into account, was the excellent record and that it was a Group II event.

A starting point of 6-riding days was adopted with an increase of 2-days for the Group status.  A discount of 2-riding days was afforded for the record.


Mr Mudhoo’s Apprentice Jockey’s Licence was suspended from 16 December to 24 December 2022 inclusive (6-days).

Decision Date: 03/12/2022

Publish Date: 13/01/2023