The Racing Integrity Board

Section 42 of the Racing Industry Act 2020 provides for the Racing Integrity Board.  The Racing Integrity Board brings together functions previously provided by the Racing Integrity Unit (RIU) and the Judicial Control Authority for Racing (JCA).

The objectives of the Racing Integrity Board are to promote and ensure compliance with high standards of integrity, animal welfare and professionalism by participants in the racing industry, for the benefit of the public, participants and the racing industry.  The Racing Integrity Board’s core functions are:

  • Compliance and enforcement – through its integrity officials (including Stipendiary Stewards and racing investigators), to exercise the functions, duties and powers assigned to them in the rules of Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound Racing
  • Prohibited Substances – to provide and manage prohibited substances testing systems and services which support the code’s racing rules
  • Animal Welfare – to ensure the provision of veterinary services for the conduct of racing and to support and monitor the operation and effectiveness of each racing codes’ animal welfare policies and initiatives
  • Adjudicative Services – to establish and maintain adjudicative systems, processes, and services to determine matters in accordance with the codes’ racing rules
  • Regulation – to monitor and review the operation and effectiveness of the racing integrity system and recommend measures which will not only retain its currency but also enhance and strengthen it

The Racing Integrity Board has a nationally dispersed team reflective of the racing venues in New Zealand.