Waikato BOP H 27 January 2022 – R10 -Derek Balle

ID: RIB7137

Derek Balle - Driver

Mr A Dooley - Stipendiary Steward

Mr A Godsalve

Persons Present:
Mr Dooley, Mr Balle

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Driving

869(3)(b) - Riding/driving infringement


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Waikato BOP Harness Racing Inc

Race Location:
Cambridge Raceway - 1 Taylor Street, Cambridge, 3434

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Driver Derek Balle was suspended from driving for 3 days

Following the running of Race 3 Mr Balle, driving MY HOPE, faced a charge in that ‘he drove carelessly near the 100 metres by allowing his mare to contact the sulky wheel of DEBBIE LEE GALLEON, causing it (MY HOPE) to break and lose its chance’.

Mr Balle was present at the hearing and acknowledged that he understood the Rule and that he admitted the breach.

Rule 869(3)(b) states ‘No driver in any race shall drive carelessly’.

Mr Dooley identified MY HOPE as the field neared the 100 metres mark. The horse was racing strongly and mounting a challenge when it struck the sulky wheel of the horse ahead of it (DEBBIE LEE GALLEON), went offstride and broke. As a result it lost its chance in the race.

Mr Balle said the horse was running strongly, and he thought he was a chance of ‘finishing in the money’ when the incident occurred. He acknowledged he was at fault.


As Mr Balle has admitted the breach the charge is proved.

Penalty Decision:

Mr Dooley submitted that Mr Balle drives infrequently. In the previous season he had 64 drives; so far this season he has driven in 3 races. He submitted a penalty of a 3 day suspension to be the Stewards’ recommendation.

Mr Balle said he wished to drive at Auckland on 3 February and any suspension could follow that.


Where a Driver hits a wheel after driving carelessly the Penalty Guide provides a starting point of a 6 drive suspension or a $300 fine. The Adjudicative Committee determined a suspension was the appropriate penalty. Since Mr Balle drives infrequently a 3 day suspension was fixed.

Mr Balle is suspended from driving from the conclusion of racing on 3 February until the conclusion of racing on 11 February 2022.

Meetings included in this suspension are:

4th February                    Stratford

6th February                    Hawera

11th February                   Cambridge

Decision Date: 27/01/2022

Publish Date: 28/01/2022