Matamata RC 24 January 2024 – R2 – Wiremu Pinn

ID: RIB38138

Wiremu Francis Pinn - Jockey

Mr B Jones - Senior Stipendiary Steward

Hon J W Gendall KC

Persons Present:
Mr B Jones, Mr A Dooley - Stipendiary Steward - Mr W Pinn

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Riding

638(1)(d) - Riding/driving infringement


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Matamata Racing Club

Race Location:
Matamata Racecourse - 7555 State Highway 27, R D 3, Matamata, 3440

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Matamata Racecourse

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Jockey Wiremu Pinn is suspended for 7 days


Following the running of Race 2, the “MATAMATA FUNCTION CENTRE 1600”, Mr Jones presented an Information charging Mr Pinn with careless riding in breaking Rule 638(1)(d), which breach was admitted by Mr Pinn.

The details of the breach, as alleged, were that Mr Pinn permitted his mount “INSPIRED BY ART” to shift outwards approaching the 100 metre mark when not sufficiently clear of ‘EVER CHARM” (Mr J Doyle), which as a result, led to inconvenience occurring to 3 horses, “BOOM BOOM”, “HORONUKU” and “BAMBOOZLE”.

The front, rear and side on race films as Mr Dooley illustrated, showed that Mr Pinn’s mount, “INSPIRED BY ART”, a dominating favourite, was racing midfield on the fence approaching the 150 metre mark.  In endeavouring to obtain a run, Mr Pinn angled his mount outwards and crossed “EVER CHARM” when obviously insufficiently clear.  This caused Mr Doyle to severely check his mount and led to 2 other horses being hampered.  “INSPIRED BY ART” proceeded to finish strongly to win by a long neck.  “EVER CHARM” was only able to finish 4th but over 4 lengths from the winner.

Mr Pinn said he accepted responsibility for what he called “interference”, which was in fact careless riding.  But he said that the event was contributed to by a horse in front of him, when he angled out to commence the run of his horse, which shifted out into his line.


As the charge was admitted, it was deemed proved.

Submissions for Penalty:

Mr Jones submitted that the level of careless riding was midrange and there was no run to which Mr Pinn was entitled and, in order to win, he had improperly forced other horses outward.  As the Adjudicative Committee had already received submissions as to Mr Pinn’s record when considering the charge arising out of Race 1, it was unnecessary to repeat these.

Mr Pinn submitted the breach was only in the low/midrange, and another horse (in front of his mount) contributed.

Reasons for Penalty:

The Adjudicative Committee regarded it as aggravating that Mr Pinn had offended in the previous Race 1 and that the check caused to Mr Doyle’s mount was significant.  In fixing penalty, the Adjudicative Committee was cognisant of the need for the totality of the 2 offences not to be excessive, so in fixing a term of 7 days suspension, cumulative on the previous 5 days suspension, the Adjudicative Committee endeavoured to come to a totality of 12 days suspension, so as to properly reflect the totality of the 2 charges.


Accordingly, Mr Pinn’s Licence to ride was suspended for 7 National Riding Days (making a total of 12 days), to commence at the completion of racing on 8 February 2024 and to end at the completion of racing on 18 February 2024.

Decision Date: 24/01/2024

Publish Date: 25/01/2024