Auckland TR 9 March 2024 – R10 – GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ

ID: RIB39915

Kazuya Asano - Jockey, Tegan Lee Newman - Jockey

Mr J Oatham - Chief Stipendiary Steward

Mr A Smith (Chair), Mr G Jones

Persons Present:
Craig Baker - ATR, T McGovern - Starter, S Crawford - Trainer of GOD OF EROS

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Request for Ruling

632(1) - Other

Request for Ruling:
Were runners GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ denied a fair start

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Auckland Thoroughbred Racing

Race Location:
Ellerslie Racecourse - 100 Ascot Ave, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1050

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Ellerslie Racecourse

Outcome: Determination

Penalty: GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ were declared non runners


Following the running of Race 10, the Applicant Chief Stipendiary Steward John Oatham lodged an Information requesting a ruling pursuant to Rules 632(1) to establish whether GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ received a fair start.

GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ did not finish in the first four placings.

The basis for the request was due to a barrier malfunction delaying the opening of the starting stalls.

Rule 632(1) provides “If, in the opinion of the Adjudicative Committee, a horse which does not finish in the first four placing’s was prevented from taking an effective part in a race owing to the mechanical failure of starting stalls, or is denied a fair start and such occurrence materially prejudiced the chances of that horse (but not where the horse is slow away of its own accord), the Adjudicative Committee may declare such horse to be a non-starter.”

Submissions for Decision:

Prior to the hearing, the Stipendiary Stewards had established that there had potentially been a barrier malfunction. As a result, all Jockeys were called into the Stewards Room to ascertain if their chances had been materially affected. The Riders of GOD OF EROS (K Asano) and ANNETARZ (T Newman) advised that they believed their horses were denied a fair start.

Using the head-on and other available race films, Mr Oatham demonstrated the start of the race. He identified the horses in question, GOD OF EROS (Barrier 10) and ANNETARZ (Barrier 2).

The Starter commenced submissions by saying that all pre-race checks had occurred and all electrics were working. He commenced his call “All in, watch the gates” and activated the start. He said there was a 2 second delay before the gates went (in normal circumstances the starting stalls would open immediately when the Starter button was activated). He said that all latches released at the same time and that the horses in Barriers 2 and 10 charged the gates.

K Asano (GOD OF EROS) said his horse hit the gate (anticipating they would open as normal), got halfway through, then took a step back. He expected a false start and wasn’t sure if he should pull his horse up, but thought he had to win so continued.

T Newman (ANNETARZ) said her horse anticipated the start, jumping forward and “smashed” her head into the gate. She expected that there would be a false start and expected to hear the siren.

Shane Crawford (Trainer of GOD OF EROS) said he agreed with K Asano and his horse’s chances were definitely affected.

When asked for comment, Chief Stipendiary Steward John Oatham said it was the Stewards’ view that both horses were denied a fair start due to the delayed opening of the starting stalls.

Reasons for Decision:

Having viewed the available race films and having regard for the various submissions, the Adjudicative Committee were of the opinion that GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ were both denied a fair start due to a malfunction (delayed opening) of the starting stalls and therefore were declared non starters.


GOD OF EROS and ANNETARZ were declared non starters.

Decision Date: 09/03/2024

Publish Date: 11/03/2024