Wyndham HRC 8 September 2022 – R1 – ANDOVER THE KEYS

ID: RIB10907

Nathan Williamson - Driver

Mr S Renault - Stipendiary Steward

Mr N Skelt

Persons Present:
Mr Renault - Stipendiary Steward, Miss R Haley - Stipendiary Steward, Mr N McIntyre - Stipendiary Steward Remote, Mr J Broad - Assisting Mr N Williamson - Driver

Information Number:

Decision Type:

870(5) - Riding/driving infringement - Lapped on Rule


Against the second placed horse ANDOVER THE KEYS

Animal Name:
Andover The Keys


Race Date:

Race Club:
Wyndham Harness Racing Club

Race Location:
Wyndham Racecourse - Alma St, Wyndham, 9892

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Wyndham Racecourse

Outcome: Protest Upheld

Penalty: ANDOVER THE KEYS relegated from second to third placing

Summary of Facts:

Following the running of Race 1, Stipendiary Steward Shane Renault instigated a protest into the 2nd placed runner ANDOVER THE KEYS alleging a breach of Rule 870(5) namely that ANDOVER THE KEYS galloped across the finish line in 2nd place.

Rule 870(5) reads; not withstanding the provisions of sub rule 4 hereof any horse which is not in the correct gait when it’s nose reaches the finishing line and which is lapped on by any other horse or horses in the correct gait shall be placed behind such horse or horses provided that where such first mentioned horse is not in its correct gait as a result of interference to such horse or its Driver then subject to rule 869(8) such relegation of horse shall be at the discretion of the Adjudicative Committee.

The Respondent’s representative Mr Nathan Williamson, was present at the hearing and indicated the protest was to be contested.

The provisional placings are:

1st – Streaming Live (5) B. Williamson

2nd – Andover The Keys (8) N. Williamson

3rd – Groovy L’Amour (1) B. Orange

4th – Johnny Walker (9) M. Williamson

The official margins between 2nd and 3rd was a head.

Submissions for Decision:

Stipendiary Steward Mr Renault asked Stipendiary Steward Miss Haley to highlight the concluding stages of the race on the video films. Mr Renault stated that ANDOVER THE KEYS broke just before the finishing line when free of interference. Mr Renault stated that the 3rd place horse GROOVY L’AMOUR had clearly lapped on the galloping ANDOVER THE KEYS. Mr Renault stated that the Stewards were seeking relegation of ANDOVER THE KEYS from 2nd placing to 3rd placing.

Mr Williamson the Driver of ANDOVER THE KEYS, disputed the fact that his horse had broken prior to the line as he believed ANDOVER THE KEYS broke a stride past the line. Mr Williamson said his horse had paced roughly at the top of the straight and put in a long stride but he believed it was very marginal where the horse actually broke.

Reasons for Decision:

On reviewing the race films of the concluding stages of the race, it is apparent that ANDOVER THE KEYS has galloped free of interference and was in its incorrect gait when it’s nose reached the finish line and was lapped on by GROOVY L’AMOUR just prior to the winning post.


The protest is upheld and ANDOVER THE KEYS is relegated from 2nd placing to 3rd placing.

The amended placings are:

1st – Streaming Live

2nd – Groovy L’Amour

3rd – Andover The Keys

4th – Johnny Walker

In accordance with this decision, the payment of dividends is authorised.

Decision Date: 08/09/2022

Publish Date: 09/09/2022