Winton JC 10 October 2021 – R4 – Tina Comignaghi

ID: RIB5182

Tina Comignaghi - Jockey

Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward

Mr Nigel Skelt

Persons Present:
Miss R Haley - Stipendiary Steward, Mr N McIntyre - General Manager RIB

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

NZTR Improper Whip Use / Consecutive Strides

638(3)(g)(ii) - Contravention whip rule - NZTR Improper Whip Use / Consecutive Strides


Animal Name:
Cheyenne Dreams


Race Date:

Race Club:
Winton Jockey Club

Race Location:
Ascot Park Raceway - 29 Findlay Road, Ascot, Invercargill, 9810

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Ascot Park

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Jockey Tina Comignaghi was suspended for 5 National riding days from the conclusion of racing on 16/10/21 until the conclusion of racing on 23/10/21 and fined the sum of $100


After the running of Race 4 the Hyde Landscaping & Trenz Homes MDN 1400 Information A15867 was lodged by Stipendiary Steward Mr M Davidson alleging that Miss T Comignaghi used her whip in 2 consecutive strides on her mount Cheyenne Dreams over the concluding stages.

Miss Comignaghi was present at the hearing and confirmed she understood the Rule and confirmed also she admitted the breach.

The Rule reads: 638(3)(g)(ii):  A rider must not strike a horse with a whip in consecutive strides in any race.


Mr Davidson used several video clips to highlight the finish to the race showing Cheyenne Dreams finishing off the race strongly into 4th placing.

Mr Davidson pointed out that from about the 20m mark from the finish Miss Comignaghi has used her whip in 2 consecutive strides.

Miss Comignaghi agreed with Mr Davidson’s summation and with the video evidence and that the breach was clear. She said that her horse was finishing extremely quickly and had a chance of winning the race, she also stated that she had not yet adjusted to the new Whip Guidelines.


Miss Comignaghi admitted the breach therefore the charge was deemed proved.


Mr Davidson stated that this was Miss Comignaghi’s 4th charge under the Whip Rules since it’s inception on the 1/9/21. Miss Comignaghi received a fine of $250 on 18/9/21 which was for whip use prior to the 100m, whereas a further fine was for consecutive strikes where she received a fine of $300 on the same day 18/9/21.  She received a further fine at the Riccarton meeting on the 2/10/21 of $500 being her third breach.

The NZTR revised Penalty Guidelines specifies the following;  As the Adjudicator is determining that this is a 4th breach of the Rule regarding consecutive strikes (3) the Guide provides a penalty of 5 National days suspension plus $100 fine.

Miss Comignaghi sought deferment of penalty to fulfil her riding engagements on 16/10/2021.


Miss Comignaghi was granted deferment to fulfil her riding engagement on 16/10/2021. Miss Comignaghi is suspended for 5 National riding days from the conclusion of racing on 16/10/21 up to and including 23/10/21 and fined the sum of $100.

Decision Date: 10/10/2021

Publish Date: 12/10/2021