Waverley RC 21 August 2022 – R4 – Shaun Fannin

ID: RIB10690

Shaun Fannin - Jockey

Mr N Goodwin, Senior Stipendiary Steward

Hon JW Gendall QC

Persons Present:
Mr Goodwin, Mr Fannin, Mr K Coppins Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Used whip in 3 consecutive strides

638(3)(h)(ii) - Contravention whip rule


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Waverley Race Club

Race Location:
Waverley Racecourse - Ihupuku Road, Waverley, 4510

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Wavereley Racecourse

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Jockey, Shaun Fannin fined $600


Following the running of Race 4, the “Forest 360/Ultra Scan 4000m Steeplechase”, Stipendiary Steward, Mr N Goodwin presented an Information charging Mr Fannin, the Rider KIDDO, with a breach of Rule 638(3)(h)(ii), in that struck his mount with the whip in 3 consecutive strides inside the final 100 metres of the Race.

Mr Fannin admitted the breach of the Rule.

Rule 638(3(h)(ii) states that: a rider in a jumping race “must not strike [his] horse with a whip in consecutive strides at any stage of the race”.

Mr Coppins identified from the Race film the actions of Mr Fannin which breached the Rule.  Mr Fannin’s mount, KIDDO was just behind the horse DONARDO, they jumped the last fence when vying for the lead.  KIDDO jumped that fence, about 100 metres from the finish better than DONARDO which resulted in it going to a narrow lead.  Mr Fannin then displayed considerable vigour to maintain the lead and, as DONARDO rallied, to apply strong pressure to KIDDO, Mr Fannin struck his mount 3 times in consecutive strides close to the finish so as to hold off the challenge.  KIDDO finished first and DONARDO finished second.  The winning margin was a narrow short head.


As breach was admitted the Adjudicative Committee found the charge proved.

Submission for Penalty:

Mr Goodwin advised that Mr Fannin had had one earlier breach of this Rule which was dealt with by a warning.  He submitted that a required starting point of a fine of $500 and, but for this breach, KIDDO it was most likely that it would not have won.

Mr Fannin said he had a “pretty good” record, and but had simply made a mistake in endeavouring to hold off DONARDO in the closed finish.

Reasons for Penalty:

The Adjudicative Committee imposed a fine of $600.  It regarded a fine of $500 was a starting point.  An uplift of $100 was necessary to reflect:

  • The fact that KIDDO won the race earning a stake of $17,250
  • The owners, one of whom is the Trainer of DONARDO nor were the Stewards, or anyone else could challenge the result as the protest Rule 642 does not apply for situations other than where there is “interference”.

Mr Fannin’s percentage share of the Stake was $862.  The Penalty Guideline refers to some penalties on prestige jumping races to be assessed, where appropriate, on the basis of a percentage share of that benefit if it is higher than the Guideline starting point.  That does not apply here as it was not a prestige jumping race and the Guideline level of $500 was great in any event.  But the Adjudicative Committee was aware that Mr Fannin’s financial position was more than sufficient to meet the fine.


Mr Fannin is fined $600.


Decision Date: 21/08/2022

Publish Date: 23/08/2022