NZ Metro TC 17 November 2023 – R7 – Ricky May

ID: RIB29863

Ricky May - Driver

Chief Stipendiary Steward - Mr Nigel McIntyre

Dave Anderson (Chair), Russell McKenzie

Persons Present:
RIB Steward - Mr Shane Renault, Mr McIntyre and Mr May

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Driving checking other runners

869(3)(b) - Riding/driving infringement

Not Admitted

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc

Race Location:
Addington Raceway - 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington, Christchurch, 8024

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Addington Raceway, Christchurch

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Driver Ricky May is suspended for 6 days


Following the running of Race 7, Dunstan Horsefeeds Sires’ Stakes Final (Group 1) Driver, Mr Ricky May denied a breach of the Careless Driving Rule.

Mr May stated he was conversant with the Rule and the charge and confirmed to the Adjudicative Committee he did not admit a breach of the Rule.

The Informant, Chief Stipendiary Steward Mr Nigel McIntyre, played the relevant videos and identified Mr May (TREACHEROUS LOVE) racing 3 wide into the first bend of the 1980m race. He pointed to Mr May direct his horse inwards to force TREACHEROUS BABY (M Purdon) from his position one off, down to the pylons. He said that, before this manoeuvre could be executed, ANYTIME AT ALL (G D Smith) had improved to the inside of TREACHEROUS BABY. Mr McIntyre said Mr May has continued inwards, dictating Mr Purdon into the line of Mr Smith, who was forced though the pylons and checked out of his rightful position.

Mr May said when he went to push Mr Purdon down, he didn’t see that Mr Smith was there. He said he didn’t think he was careless because he looked and couldn’t see anyone inside Mr Purdon. Mr May said it was harsh to be charged when the interference was relatively minor.

In summing up, Mr McIntyre said before Mr May was able to push Mr Purdon down, Mr Smith was well established inside Mr Purdon.


The Adjudicative Committee found the video evidence compelling. Mr May has manoeuvred Mr Purdon to the inside, which dictated Mr Smith through the pylons, checking him and causing him to lose his position. Mr Smith was legitimately in his spot, and it has been clearly Mr May’s actions which caused the check to ANYTIME AT ALL.


The charge was found to be proved.


Mr McIntyre said Mr May has a previous breach on his record, at Rangiora on 27 August, where he was suspended for 3 days. He said the Guidelines show a 6-day suspension starting point and the Stewards would see this as an appropriate Penalty.

Mr May made no submissions on Penalty and asked to start any suspension immediately.


The Penalty Guidelines provide a 6-day suspension for a second breach of this Rule at Group or Listed level.

The Adjudicative Committee can find no reason to depart from the Guidelines in the circumstances of this case.


Mr May did not require a deferment and accordingly, his Licence to drive in races is suspended from the conclusion of racing today, up to and including racing on 3 December 2023.

Decision Date: 17/11/2023

Publish Date: 20/11/2023