Canterbury JC 10 November 2021 – R3 – LA COFRADIA

ID: RIB5715

Kozzi Asano - Apprentice Jockey, Andrew Carston - Trainer

Mr Michael Pitman - Trainer

Dave Anderson(Chair) and Russell McKenzie

Persons Present:
Mr J Oatham Chief RIB Steward, Mr Mark Davidson, Mr David Wadley and Ms Veronica Algar Stipendiary Stewards, Mr Pitman, Mr Kavish Chowdhoory, Rider of LENNON, Mr Carston and Mr Asano.

Information Number:

Decision Type:

642(1) - Riding/driving infringement - Protest


3rd versus 2nd - interference over the concluding stages.

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Canterbury Jockey Club

Race Location:
Riccarton Park - 165 Racecourse Road, Christchurch,

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Riccarton Racecourse, Christchurch.

Outcome: Protest Dismissed

Penalty: N/A


Following the running of Race 3 the Hotel Montreal Premier 1400, an Information, by way of a protest, was lodged by Trainer Michael Pitman alleging interference over the concluding stages. Mr Pitman’s horse LENNON 3rd in the race, ridden by Kavish Chowdhoory was protesting against LA COFRADIA 2nd in the race trained by Andrew Carston and ridden by Kosssi Asano.

The Judge’s placings were:



3rd 4 LENNON

4th 13 DICELAND.

The official margins for the race were;  nose / a length / 1 1/2 lengths/ 1/2 head.

Mr Davidson played all available replays and identified the Riders and horses involved in the alleged interference. All parties stated they understood the Protest Rule and were reminded of the procedures that would be followed in a protest hearing.


Mr Pitman said his instructions to his Jockey Mr Chowdhoory were to come down the centre of the track as this was the best footing. He said Mr Chowdhoory was positioned to do that but was taken off his line on more than one occasion. He said the Rider of the second horse didn’t stop riding and continued to lay in on top of his horse denying it clear running and definitely cost him first or second placing.

Mr Chowdhoory said in the last 150 metres of the race Mr Asano had laid in on top of his mount bumping it a few times and restricting his racing room. He said these bumps had caused his horse to be unbalanced and switch strides several times.

Mr Carston said Mr Chowdhoory had not stopped riding his horse until the last stride from the post and the margin between the horses was one length. He stated this could be considered a frivolous protest.

Mr Asano said his horse had come from well back in the field and finished past Mr Chowdhoory by a length. He said it got tight towards the finish and he was unable to use his whip with his left hand. He said he stopped using his whip for the last 50 metres and kept his horse straight.

The Committee asked Mr Oatham for the Stewards’ assessment of the protest.

He said it was clear on the films that LA COFRADIA had come from well behind LENNON and beaten him by a length. He said the interference was relatively minor and the Stewards could not be satisfied that had the interference not occurred LENNON would have beaten LA COFRADIA.


The Committee carefully considered all the submissions given and viewed the replays many times. The video from the rearview was helpful in assessing the severity of the interference of which the Committee agreed with Mr Oatham’s statement,” was relatively minor “. The margin of a length was a significant factor given LA COFRADIA had come from a considerable distance behind LENNON. The Committee observed Mr Chowdhoory only checked his horse just short of the finishing post. The Committee formed the opinion that if LENNON had been finishing as strong or stronger than LA COFRADIA there was sufficient room for him to improve on his placing.  The accumulation of these factors convinced this Committee the appropriate decision was to dismiss the Protest.


The Protest was dismissed.

Decision Date: 10/11/2021

Publish Date: 12/11/2021