Riccarton Park – Canterbury JC 18 November 2023 – R7 – Kozzi Asano

ID: RIB29909

Kozzi Asano - Jockey

John Oatham, Chief Stipendiary Steward

Russell McKenzie (Chair) and Stewart Ching

Persons Present:
The Applicant, the Respondent and Stipendiary Steward, Mark Davidson

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Riding

638(1)(d) - Riding/driving infringement


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Canterbury Jockey Club

Race Location:
Riccarton Park - 165 Racecourse Road, Christchurch,

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Riccarton Park, Christchurch

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Class A Rider, Kozzi Asano, suspended 11 days and fined $2,300


Following the running of Race 7, Barneswood Farm 51st New Zealand 1000 Guineas (Group 1), Class A Jockey, Kozzi Asano, admitted a breach of Rule 638(1)(d) in that, as the Rider of IMPENDABELLE in the race, he rode carelessly when “allowing his mount to shift outwards dictating LUBERON (Warren Kennedy) outwards onto MARY SHAN (Craig Grylls) which was crowded and checked over the concluding stages”.

Rule 638(1)(d) provides:

A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Adjudicative Committee considers to be careless.


Chief Stipendiary Steward, John Oatham, had Steward Mark Davidson show video replays of the incident inside the final 200 metres of the race.

Mr Davidson pointed out the three runners involved. IMPENDABELLE, ridden by the Respondent, taking the lead at that point. To its outside and behind it was LUBERON (Warren Kennedy), and the other runner, MARY SHAN (Craig Grylls) was racing 5th, behind LUBERON.

Mr Davidson showed IMPENDABELLE, being urged along by the Respondent, commence to shift out. He straightened it briefly and then struck it with the whip, and continued to use it, dictating LUBERON out, with MARY SHAN being crowded.

The Respondent said that his mount was obviously hanging badly and, he submitted, from the head-on replay, the outside runners had also shifted in. Mr Oatham countered that, in his view, the interference to LUBERON and MARY SHAN was all due to the movement of IMPENDABELLE from their inside.


The breach having been admitted, it is deemed proved.


Mr Oatham said the charge is the Respondent’s sixth under the Careless Riding Rule. He outlined the previous breaches as follows:

21 December 2022 at Ashburton – suspended 4 days for low-level breach;

8 January 2023 at Pukekohe – suspended 5 days for below mid-level breach;

8 March 2023 at Taupo – suspended 7 days for mid-range breach;

11 October 2023 at Taupo – suspended 4 days for low-range breach;

28 October 2023 at Pukekohe – suspended 9 days for mid-range breach (placed 4th in a Group 2 Race).

The Respondent has had 620 rides in the last 12 months, Mr Oatham said, so he is a very busy Rider. He drew the Adjudicative Committee’s attention to the fact that the race was a Group 1 Race for a total stake of $500,000. The Respondent’s share of the stake earned for running 2nd was $4,625.00, he said, and the Adjudicative Committee should give consideration to a fine of 50% of that amount. Stewards saw the level of carelessness as being low-to-mid range, closer to mid-range, Mr Oatham said.

The Respondent requested a deferment of any suspension until after the meeting at Pukekohe on 25 November 2023.


The Adjudicative Committee assessed the level of carelessness as being in the mid-range. The RIB Thoroughbred Racing Penalty Guide (February 2023) provides for a starting point for penalty for such a breach of a 7-days suspension. An uplift is appropriate for the status of the race (Group 1, stake $500,000) and the Adjudicative Committee sets the appropriate uplift at 3 days. For the Respondent’s record of careless riding, which the Adjudicative Committee regards as poor, a further uplift of 2 days is appropriate.

A discount for the Respondent’s admission of the breach is warranted and the Adjudicative Committee sets that discount at 1 day.


The Respondent’s request for a deferment of suspension is granted.

His Licence to ride in races is suspended from after the close of racing on 25 November 2023, up to and including 15 December 2023 – 11 national riding days.

In addition, the Respondent is fined the sum of $2,300.

Decision Date: 18/11/2023

Publish Date: 20/11/2023