Racing in breach of the vaccination rule
Date: 07/03/2024

The RIB has commenced an investigation into incidents involving greyhounds alleged to have raced in breach of GRNZ Rule 25(6) which states as below;

GRNZ Rule 25 Minimum – vaccination requirements:

(6) Unless GRNZ determines otherwise, a greyhound must not compete in any Event within five days of the date it was administered a vaccine.

All Greyhound Racing LPs should be familiar with and comply with this rule.

The RIB also reminds all LP’s of GRNZ’s April 2023 update which notes LP’s must notify GRNZ of the vaccination of a racing greyhound within 24 hours of the vaccination taking place to ensure ongoing accuracy of GRNZ’s systems.

Non-compliance with this rule gives rise to a potential animal welfare concern.