Outcome based reporting for Greyhound Stewards Reports
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Date: 20/11/2022

As of 1 December 2022, Racing Integrity Board Greyhound Stewards will change to an “Outcome based Stewards Report” that will not contain the “story” of the race.

Stewards are required to view/review the race, as currently occurs, to identify any racing incidents that may need reporting based on the GRNZ rules, procedures and policies.

For example, Veterinary Examinations, Swab Samples, Out of Competition Testing, Failing to Pursue, Marring, Unsatisfactory Performance, Fines, Late Scratching’s, Turned in Boxes, and racing with a dislodged muzzle are all required to be reported, as is currently standard, into the publicised individual race report.

***However, the collisions, bumps, checks and racing lines are not reportable and will not be written in the Stewards Reports.

Stewards will only include reportable incidents into the report and articulate the reasons why Veterinary Examinations and Stand Downs occur.  The comments in ‘bold‘ below indicate examples of how to describe the reason the greyhound went to the veterinarian, or the way stand down was imposed.  Examples include:

  1. BIG TIME WANDA –  underwent a post-race veterinary examination due to racing manners on the home turn and was found to have a right triangle and back muscle injury, a 14 day incapacitation period was imposed. 
  2. GOLDSTAR FRED –  was severely checked on the first turn, underwent a post-race veterinary examination, and was found to have a right wrist and right hamstring injury. A 7 day incapacitation period was imposed. 
  3. HOMEBUSH ROGER –  fell on the home turn, underwent a post–race veterinary examination and cleared of injury/ Stood down for the mandatory 5 days as per GRNZ rule 56A.1
  4. GRACE ROSE – turned its head outwards towards BIG TIME PRADA entering the final straight making muzzle contact with this runner. Stood down for 28 days and pending a satisfactory trial as pre GRNZ rule 55.1a.

All other “non-story” related items & outcomes still need reporting which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Late Scratchings
  • Fines
  • Warnings
  • Greyhounds which come up with the lids and are slow away
  • Injury/satisfactory trial required, completed
  • Supplementary Reports