Non Raceday Inquiries for August 2023
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Date: 25/09/2023


The following  Non Raceday Inquires were held in August 2023.


Title Code Date  Respondent  Charge Outcome  Penalty

Non Raceday Inquiry – Written Decision dated 21 August 2023 – Owen Gillies

Harness 17/08/2023 GILLIES Owen Prohibited Substance – Methamphetamine and Cannabis Proved Licensed Trainer and Graduation Driver Owen Gillies is disqualified for 9 months (Methamphetamine) and suspended 6 weeks (Cannabis)

Non Raceday Inquiry – Written Reasons for Decision dated 10 August 2023 – Tennielle Bishop

Thoroughbred 7/08/2023 BISHOP Tennielle Failed to comply with the NZTR Welfare Standards (Welfare Code) Proved Penalty pending – 10 years disqualification

Non Raceday Inquiry – Written Penalty Decision dated 11 August 2023 – Graeme Telfer

Harness 10/08/2023 TELFER Graeme Possessing modified gear which may cause pain, injury or distress to horse Proved Trainer Graeme Telfer, fined $1,500

Non Raceday Inquiry – Written Decision dated 11 August 2023 – Ian Jamieson

Harness 10/08/2023 JAMIESON Ian Presenting a horse to race with a Prohibited Substance Proved Trainer Ian Jamieson, is fined the sum of $800


Full decisions can be found on the RIB website under the “Decisions Tab”.

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