Methven swabbing facilities upgrade
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Date: 14/09/2023

The RIB has identified opportunities for on-track swabbing facilities to be improved in some locations to ensure the integrity of the process meets a high standard.  Appreciating that not all clubs have the financial means to implement significant and potentially costly changes, some clubs have responded accordingly and have been working with the RIB to improve facilities as time and money permits.  The Racing Safety Development Fund (RSDF) is available to assist with financial support where the criteria is met.  Up to $50k will be available on application to match the financial commitment of the clubs for on-track safety initiatives which includes the swabbing facilities.

An impressive effort to rebuild the swabbing facility at the Methven Trotting Club (MTC) was recently completed in time for spring 2023 racing.  The photographs depict what is now an excellent facility. Cameron Grant has led this work saying ‘it was really good for the Methven Trotting Club to work with both the Racing Integrity Board and Racing Safety Development Fund to have a new swabbing facility at Methven racecourse which allows us to retain group status races by having the right facilities and a fit for purpose building that won’t have to be touched for many years to come. We at Methven have seen the need to develop our facilities, and with our centennial coming up in 2027/28 racing season we have planned to replace our entire stabling block in the foreseeable future, this will tick animal health and safety needs and assure Methven that racing will remain there for the next 100 years and more!’

Congratulations to Cameron and the MTC and thankyou to all the clubs who are working towards improvements of their swabbing facilities.

Methven Trotting Club swabbing facility photos.

Click on each photo to view the upgraded facilities.

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Mike Clement Chief Executive Racing Integrity Board