Media item – Marie Prangley – prohibited substance
Category: News
Date: 19/09/2022

The RIB response to a media inquiry regarding the Prangley decision linked to this item.

It is central to the integrity of racing and the welfare of animals that industry participants prepare and present animals free of illegal substances.  The RIB undertakes significant testing of racing animals on racedays and outside of the raceday environment to monitor this, and the decision announced on Friday clearly demonstrates the consequences for anyone in the industry who gets it wrong. 

Methamphetamine is far too prevalent in NZ communities.  The evidence of its destructive impact is there for everyone to see on a daily basis, the racing industry is not immune. In addition to the harm they cause themselves and those around them, people who use methamphetamine or condone the use of the drug around racing animals put the welfare of the animals in jeopardy and their future in the industry on the line.

The Chief Executives in all three codes are concerned about the impact of methamphetamine on people, animals and the sport, and the RIB will continue to discuss awareness and prevention opportunities with the racing codes.

If there is a positive with this case, it is that the trainer will follow through on a pledge to seek assistance with her drug addiction.     

Non Raceday Inquiry – Written Decision dated 15 September 2022 – Marie Prangley