Jockey found guilty of reckless riding receives 9 weeks suspension
Category: News
Date: 27/09/2022

Today at Te Rapa, the Adjudicative Committee of the Racing Integrity Board (RIB) found jockey Sam Weatherley guilty of reckless riding after a racing incident in Cambridge on 3 August 2022.  Mr Weatherly’s licence to ride was suspended for 9 weeks beginning after racing on Saturday 1 October 2022.

Mr Weatherly was charged by the RIB with reckless riding after an investigation into the racing incident in Cambridge which subsequently resulted in jockey Taiki Yanagida falling from his horse.

Mr Weatherley defended the charge, and after the defended hearing the Adjudicative Committee found the charge of reckless riding was proven.

While a detailed written decision will follow, the Adjudicative Committee found the reckless riding by Mr Weatherley initiated a series of events that ultimately led to the fall, and subsequent death, of Mr Yanagida.