Otago RC 9 September 2022 – R4 – Khetoo

ID: RIB11034

Savish Khetoo - Apprentice Jockey

Miss Rebecca Haley, Stipendiary Steward

Geoff Hall

Persons Present:
Mr John Oatham, Chief Stipendiary Steward; Mr David Walsh, Apprentice Mentor

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Excessive use of the whip

638(3)(g)(i) - Contravention whip rule - excess of 5 strikes last 100 metres


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Otago Racing Club

Race Location:
Wingatui Racecourse - 285 Gladstone Road North, Mosgiel, Dunedin,

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Apprentice Jockey Savish Khetoo is suspended for 6 days


Miss Haley alleged that in Race 4 Mr Khetoo struck his mount REINEDELARIVIERE six times prior to the 100 metre mark.

Mr Oatham demonstrated on the videos that Mr Khetoo had commenced to use the whip on the home turn and had struck REINEDELARIVIERE 6 times before the 100 metres.

Mr Khetoo and Mr Walsh both agreed with the count.


As Mr Khetoo has admitted the breach it is found to be proved.

Penalty submissions  

Miss Haley explained that this was Mr Khetoo’s first ride since been directed to meet with the Rider Skills Review Panel. The breach in these circumstances was disappointing. The Respondent had two previous breaches in the past 6 months. He had been given a 3-day suspension on 11 May and a 3-week suspension on 27 May when the count was 10. This Adjudicative Committee on that occasion had discussed with Mr Khetoo that he meet with the Rider Skills Review Panel and the Stewards had so directed pursuant to r 343. In these circumstances, she believed a fine was not the appropriate penalty, and that the Adjudicative Committee should consider a suspension.

Mr Walsh said the Respondent should not have hit the horse on the bend but should have waited to the straight. The number of strikes would have been reduced accordingly. He said he had been working hard with Mr Khetoo who was listening to him, and he thought responding well until his ride in this race. It was disappointing, but he thought it was in the Respondent’s best interests to keep riding, so he could get a proper go.

Mr Khetoo explained he was trying on the advice of Mr Walsh to use the whip in his right hand. He found this difficult as it was not natural for him and he had the whip in his left hand today. He appreciated the assistance Mr Walsh was giving him. He said he had also had sessions with a sports psychologist to assist him with the tension of race riding.

Reasons for Penalty

The Respondent has used the whip on the home bend and has continued to use it in the home straight with the consequence there have been 6 strikes before the 100 metres. It is the Respondent’s first day back riding since a lengthy suspension for a breach of the same Rule. The breach on this occasion is not as egregious. The starting point is a fine of $500 but in the particular circumstances of this case, a fine is not the appropriate penalty.

When questioned by the Adjudicative Committee, Mr Oatham stated he was not aware of there being any recent examples of a Rider breaching the Rules again immediately after intervention by the Rider Skills Review Panel. He agreed with the Adjudicative Committee that a further referral would be appropriate.


Mr Khetoo is suspended from the end of riding today up to and including 17 September 2022. This is 6 days.

It is evident that the Respondent has again got himself into a muddle with his whip use. The parties agree that mentoring would assist. The Adjudicative Committee recommends to the Stewards that the Respondent be directed to again meet with the Rider Skills Review Panel as per the provisions of r 343.

Decision Date: 09/09/2022

Publish Date: 12/09/2022