Oamaru HRC 19 September 2021 – R 3 (request for a ruling) – SELSY BILL

ID: RIB4709

Sam Ottley - Driver

Mr S P Renault - Stipendiary Steward

Prof G Hall

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Request for Ruling


Request for Ruling:
Whether SELSY BILL was denied a fair start

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Oamaru Harness Racing Club

Race Location:
Oamaru Racecourse - Highway 1, Oamaru North, Oamaru, 9494

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Outcome: Determination


Mr Renault sought a Ruling pursuant to r 213(1)(j) in Race 3, as to whether SELSY BILL was denied a fair start.

That Rule provides:

213(1) A Stipendiary Steward at any time may scratch from a race … any horse on all or any of the following grounds:

(j) if a horse was denied a fair start and such occurrence materially prejudiced the chances of that horse.


Mr Renault played videos of the start of the race. Head-on, side-on, and back straight angles were viewed. These demonstrated that TWILIGHT BROMAC (Mr M Williamson) shifted outwards into the path of SELSY BILL at the same time as the tape was released. SELSY BILL shied away from TWILIGHT BROMAC and galloped. The horse lost considerable ground.

The Committee heard from Mr Renault and Ms Ottley.

Mr Renault said there was outwards movement from TWILIGHT BROMAC but there was not contact with SELSY BILL. SELSY BILL shifted away from TWILIGHT BROMAC and galloped off the mark.

Ms Ottley said at the time it felt like TWILIGHT BROMAC had shifted outwards and into her. She could see now that there was no contact but she believed SELSY BILL had jumped sideways to avoid TWILIGHT BROMAC, which had come into her line. Her horse had shied and galloped. She believed she had not had a fair start.


SELSY BILL is clearly a little fractious before the start of the race but immediately prior to the tapes being released the horse is settled and standing back just a little from the mark. Freezing the head-on shows that as the tape is about to be released TWILIGHT BROMAC has shifted outwards and into the line of SELSY BILL.

The Committee finds that SELSY BILL has shifted sideways at the start away from TWILIGHT BROMAC, which has shifted into its path. This is at the same time as the tape was released and Ms Ottley was about to urge SELSY BILL forward. SELSY BILL has then gone into a gallop and lost ground before eventually settling into a pace. In these circumstances the Committee rules that SELSY BILL has been denied a fair start and advises the Stewards accordingly.


SELSY BILL was late scratched by the Stewards.

Decision Date: 19/09/2021

Publish Date: 20/09/2021