Invercargill HRC 27 October 2022 – R1 – CHICK MAGNET

ID: RIB11922

Tony Stratford - Trainer

Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward

Mr N Skelt, Mr R McKenzie

Persons Present:
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward, Mr N McIntyre - Stipendiary Steward, Mr T Stratford - Trainer

Information Number:

Decision Type:

870(3) - Riding/driving infringement - Breaking Horse Regs

Not Contested

Against the fourth placed horse CHICK MAGNET

Animal Name:
Chick Magnet


Race Date:

Race Club:
Invercargill Harness Racing Club

Race Location:
Ascot Park Raceway - 29 Findlay Road, Ascot, Invercargill, 9810

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Ascot Park Raceway

Outcome: Protest Upheld

Penalty: CHICK MAGNET was disqualified from fourth placing


Following the running of Race 1 the “Remembering Warren Fletcher Handicap Trot,” Stipendiary Steward Mr Vinny Munro filed an Information pursuant to Rule 870(3) instigating a protest alleging that CHICK MAGNET (Blair Orange) placed fourth by the Judge broke in excess of 150m nearing the 1900 metres.

The Respondent was present at the hearing and indicated the protest was not contested. He confirmed he understood the Rule.

The Judge’s provisional placings were:

1st – 5. Speeding Spirit (M Williamson)

2nd – 3. Rewiri Hill (B Barclay)

3rd – 6. Kyle Loch (A Kyle)

4th – 4. Chick Magnet (B Orange)

5th – 1. The Power Broker (M Hurrell)

Rule 870(3) provides that any horse that breaks from its gate shall properly regain its proper gate.

Where a protest has been duly lodged against an offending horse, the Adjudicative Committee shall either:

(i) Relegate such a horse under Rule 870(4) to behind any other horse in respect of which an advantage may have been gained; or 

(ii) Disqualify it from the race under rule 1003(2) 


Using the available video replays Chief Stipendiary Steward, Mr Nigel McIntyre, pointed out CHICK MAGNET driven by Mr B Orange, broke in excess of 150m nearing the 1900m mark. Mr McIntyre stated that the horse, once settled, finished the race off in fourth placing. He estimated that CHICK MAGNET galloped for approximately 160m.

Mr McIntyre sought disqualification of CHICK MAGNET.

The Respondent Mr Stratford agreed with Mr McIntyre.

Reasons for Decision

After hearing submissions and viewing the video replay, it was clearly evident to the Adjudicative Committee that CHICK MAGNET had broken free of interference and continued on in a gallop for a distance of at least 160m.

It had therefore failed to properly gain its proper gate, in breach of Rule 870(3) and the Breaking Horses Regulation.


The protest is upheld and CHICK MAGNET is disqualified, the amended final placings are:

1st – 5. Speeding Spirit (M Williamson)

2nd – 3. Rewiri Hill (B Barclay)

3rd – 6. Kyle Loch (A Kyle)

4th – 1. The Power Broker (M Hurrell)

5th – 2. Hot Saucy Betty (K Green)

Authority was given for dividends and stakes to be paid in accordance with those amended placings.

Decision Date: 27/10/2022

Publish Date: 31/10/2022