Geraldine TC 27 November 2021 – R8 – Jonny Cox

ID: RIB6146

Jonny Cox - Driver

Mr S P Renault - Stipendiary Steward

Olivia Jarvis

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Excessive use of whip, more than a wrist flicking motion

869(2) - Contravention whip rule


Animal Name:
Shan Noble


Race Date:

Race Club:
Geraldine Trotting Club

Race Location:
Orari Raecourse - Orari Station Road, Orari, 7992

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Orari Racecourse

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Driver Jonny Cox is fined $200


Following the running of Race 8, the Placemakers Timaru/Twizel/Oamaru Geraldine Cup Handicap Pace, an Information was filed by Stipendiary Steward, Mr S Renault against Driver, Mr J Cox, alleging a breach of Rule 869(2) in that he used his whip with more than a wrist flicking motion when driving SHAN NOBLE in the middle stages of the run home.

Mr Cox had signed the Information that the breach was admitted which he confirmed at the hearing. Mr Cox also acknowledged that he understood the charge and Rule it was brought under.

The Whip and Rein Regulations provide as follows:

3.1       A driver may only apply the whip in a wrist only flicking motion whilst holding a rein in each hand with the tip of the whip pointed forward in an action which does not engage the shoulder.

3.2     For the purposes of clause 3.1, “wrist only flicking motion” means:

3.2.1    Ensuring no force is generated by the use of the elbow or shoulder when applying the whip.

3.2.2    The forearm is not raised beyond forty-five degrees relative to the racing surface.

3.2.3    Not applying the whip with overt force.


Mr Renault gave evidence and showed video replays of the run home. He pointed out Mr Cox driving SHAN NOBLE. Mr Renault, utilising the video replays, indicated three strikes which he said were more than a wrist flicking motion.

Mr Cox accepted that there were three strikes which were more than a wrist flicking motion.

Reasons for Decision

As Mr Cox has admitted the breach and there is clear video evidence of the breach it is found to be proved.

Submission for Penalty

Mr Renault referred to Mr Cox’s record which he described as excellent.  Mr Cox has had 610 drives this season. Mr Renault described the breach as low end.

Mr Cox did not disagree.

Reason for Penalty

The breach is low end and Mr Cox’s excellent record under this Rule serves to reduce the penalty.


He is fined the sum of $200 as per the Penalty Guide which accords with the Committee’s view of the culpability.

Decision Date: 27/11/2021

Publish Date: 03/12/2021