Auckland TR 11 November 2021 – R4 – Alyssa Schwerin

ID: RIB5733

Alyssa Schwerin - Jockey

Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward

Adam Smith (Chair)

Persons Present:
Ms L Selvakumaran - Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Adjudicative Decision

Excessive use of whip



Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Auckland Trotting Club

Race Location:
Pukekohe Park - 222/250 Manukau Road, Pukekohe Hill, Pukekohe, 2120

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Pukekohe Park Racecourse

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Jockey Alyssa Schwerin fined $450


This charge arises from the running of Race 4, a rating 86 1100m event. Stipendiary Steward, Mr Williamson filed an Information pursuant to Rule 638(3)(g)(ii) alleging that Ms Schwerin used her whip in consecutive strides on 3 separate occasions in the final straight on BREEZON”.

Ms Schwerin acknowledged she understood the Rule and confirmed her admission of the breach.

Using the available race films Mr Williamson demonstrated the incident and identified Ms Schwerin and her mount BREEZON.

Mr Williamson said that in the home straight Ms Schwerin used her whip consecutively for 3 strides, again for 2 strides then for a further 3 strides with short breaks between each of the 3 incidents.

Ms Schwerin had nothing to add in regard to the breach.


As Ms Schwerin admitted the breach the Committee found the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Ms Selvakumaran said that Ms Schwerin had a clear record in relation to the Rule, and that the Stewards would consider one of the breaches to be treated as a warning while the other two breaches would be viewed accumulatively. In that regard the Stewards would be seeking a $150 fine in regard to the first consecutive breach and a further $300 fine in relation to the 2nd consecutive breach. A total fine of $450.

In response Ms Schwerin said she realised that she had breached the Rule during the race.

Reasons For Penalty:

It has been the position of the JCA Board and now the RIB that no concessions should be made to penalties in regard to whip breaches. The Committee shares this view and sees no reason to deviate from the relevant starting points of $150 and $300 respectively. A combination of these two starting points determines that a total fine of $450 is appropriate.


Ms Schwerin is fined $450.

Decision Date: 11/11/2021

Publish Date: 11/11/2021