GRNZ rule change regarding treatment prior to an event – Rule 145
Date: 26/01/2023


GRNZ has reminded everyone that the new Rules of Racing come into effect on 1 February 2023.

GRNZ and the RIB are asking everyone to familiarise themselves with new Rule 145, which reads as follows:

145 Treatment prior to an Event
(1) An offence is committed if, without the permission of the Racing Integrity Board, a person administers,
causes to be administered, or attempts to administer any treatment to a greyhound at any time on the
day of a meeting until that greyhound is no longer presented for an Event.
(2) The Racing Integrity Board may order that any greyhound that has been administered a treatment in
breach of subrule (1) of this rule be scratched or disqualified from an Event.
(3) No person without the permission of the Racing Integrity Board may administer or cause to be
administered any injectable substance to a greyhound at any time during the one clear day prior to
12.00am on the day of an Event that it is nominated to compete in.
(4) For the purpose of this rule “treatment” includes:
(a) all Controlled Drugs (Schedule 8) administered by a veterinarian;
(b) all Prescription Animal Remedies and Prescription Only Medicines (Schedule 4);
(c) any injectable substance not already specified in this rule, notwithstanding the route of
(d) all Pharmacist Only (Schedule 3) and Pharmacy Only (Schedule 2) medicines;
(e) all veterinary and other substances containing other scheduled and unscheduled prohibited
(f) any tablets, capsules, or pills;
(g) any liquid or paste that requires syringing into the oral cavity.