Waverley RC 1 April 2022 – R3 – Faye Lazet

ID: RIB8414

Faye Lazet - Apprentice Jockey

Keith Coppins - Stipendiary Steward

Tom Castles

Persons Present:
Keith Coppins - Stipendiary Steward, Neil Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward, Kim Clapperton - Riding Master

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Riding

638(1)(d) - Riding/driving infringement - A rider shall not ride a horse in a manner deemed to be careless


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Waverley Race Club

Race Location:
Waverley Racecourse - Ihupuku Road, Waverley, 4510

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Apprentice Jockey Faye Lazet is suspended 4 days

Summary of Facts:

Miss Faye Lazet admitted a charge that she rode carelessly.


Films of the incident were shown and commented on by Stipendiary Steward N Goodwin. He informed the Adjudicative Committee that just before the point of the bend at about the 800 metre mark MI CAROL ridden by A Mudhoo received a check forcing that Rider to take hold.  Racing on its outside KAPINOS had been gradually moving inwards during the run down the straight.

Mr Goodwin did point out that there was movement from other runners notably RAFFLE (L Allpress) which may have contributed to the incident slightly. He added the horses concerned were racing in tight quarters.

Rider F Lazet pointed out the movement from other horses on her inside which was confirmed by Riding Master K Clapperton.

Submissions on Penalty:

Rider F Lazet’s record under this Rule was very good. She is a busy Rider sometimes riding outside the Central District area.

Her last and only suspension under this Rule was in November 2021 when she received a penalty of 4 days.

This breach was viewed by the Stewards to be at the lower end of the scale.

Reasons for Penalty:

It was viewed by the Adjudicative Committee to be at the lower end of the scale. Her movement across while gradual did cause a Rider to take hold. Her admittance of the breach and her good record entitled her for a reduction of 1 day from the suggested Guidelines.


Rider F Lazet was suspended for a period of 4 race days beginning after the completion of racing on 8/4/22 until completion of racing on 14/4/22.

Decision Date: 01/04/2022

Publish Date: 04/04/2022