Wanganui JC 3 September 2022 – R6 – Madan Singh

ID: RIB10855

Madan Singh - Jockey

Mr Neil Goodwin - Senior Stipendiary Steward

Mr Bruce Mainwaring (Chair), Mr Noel McCutcheon

Persons Present:
Mr Keith Coppins - Stipendiary Steward, Mr Madan Singh

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Celebratory Gesture

638(2) - Riding/driving infringement - Celebratory Gesture


Animal Name:
Sheez Dominant


Race Date:

Race Club:
Wanganui Jockey Club

Race Location:
Wanganui Racecourse - 19 Purnell Street, Whanganui, 4500

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Wanganui Racecourse Purnell Street Whanganui

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Rider Madan Singh is fined $300


Following the running of Race 6 the HS Dyke Wanganui Guineas 1340, Jockey Madan Singh admitted a charge that was filed pursuant to 638(2).

The Applicant Mr Goodwin alleged that Mr Singh (Sheez Dominant) made a celebratory gesture prior to the winning post.

Mr Singh acknowledged that he understood the Rule and confirmed his admission of the breach.

Rule 638 (2) provides: A rider shall not make a celebratory gesture prior to his horse passing the post.

Mr Goodwin demonstrated the incident using available footage.  The Adjudicative Committee were satisfied that the allegation is confirmed by footage with same taking place within 2-3 strides from the winning post.

When asked for comment, Mr Singh said that he was very happy to have won a race of this status and added that he had not offended in this manner previously.


As Mr Singh admitted the breach the Adjudicative Committee found the charge proved.

Submission for Penalty:

Mr Goodwin confirmed that Mr Singh had not previously breached this Rule and referred the Adjudicative Committee to the pertinent Guideline. Mr Singh reiterated previous comments surrounding his actions.

Reasons for Penalty:

The Adjudicative Committee considered evidence and submissions. The starting point for a breach of this Rule is $300. The Adjudicative Committee referred to a number of  comparable cases with fines imposed ranging from $200 to $500 with the latest being A Goindasamy 26/12/2021 $400, J Lowry 5/2/2022 $275, and S Phelan 18/6/2022 $300. On balance the Adjudicative Committee considered $300 to be an appropriate  fine.


Jockey Madan Singh is fined $300.

Decision Date: 03/09/2022

Publish Date: 05/09/2022