Otago RC 28 November 2021 – R9 – PHELAN THE POWER

ID: RIB6124

Kozzi Asano - Apprentice Jockey

Mr Rohan Mudhooo, Rider of POWNCE

Geoff Hall

Persons Present:
Mr Danny Crozier, Trainer, representing Mr Mark Jones, Trainer of PHELAN THE POWER; Mr Russell McKay, Trainer of POWNCE; Mr David Walsh, Apprentice Mentor; Mr Mark Davidson, Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:

642 - Riding/driving infringement



Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Otago Racing Club

Race Location:
Cromwell Racecourse - Wanaka- Queenstown Highway, Cromwell,

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

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Outcome: Protest Dismissed

Penalty: no change to placings

Following the running of Race 9 Mr Mudhooo, the Rider of the second placed horse, POWNCE, protested against the first placed horse, PHELAN THE POWER, alleging interference in the final straight.

The Judge’s placings were:

1st       6   PHELAN THE POWER

2nd      8   POWNCE

3rd       5    WILD ROVER

4th       4     TREYBON

The margin between first and second was a head.

Mr Mudhooo, with reference to the videos, said that near the top of the straight PHELAN THE POWER come out and there was contact with his mount, POWNCE, on two occasions. He believed this had affected his chances as he had to balance POWNCE up again.

Mr McKay said there was contact with PHELAN THE POWER and POWNCE was pushed wider on the track as a result. He thought there was a slight touch again a little later in the run. He said POWNCE had come back and was only beaten a head. He was positive POWNCE would have beaten PHELAN THE POWER had this interference not occurred.

Mr Crozier said there was only a wee bump between the horses, and it was a long way out. Both horses had run on well. POWNCE had had the whole length of the straight to get past PHELAN THE POWER and had not been able to do so. He was adamant the contact had not cost POWNCE the race. PHELAN THE POWER was still full of running at the line.

Mr Asano said they had been racing in tight quarters. The two horses had got close at the top of the straight and he had had to switch his whip to the right hand.

Mr Davidson, Stipendiary Steward, was asked to comment on the evidence and the videos. He said there had been clear contact as a result of PHELAN THE POWER shifting ground. Mr Asano had taken corrective action. PHELAN THE POWER had shifted ground again late in the run home. There may have been contact on that occasion but it was not clear on the videos. The issue was the contact at the top of the straight and whether it had cost POWNCE sufficient momentum that the Committee could conclude it had cost that horse the race.

PHELAN THE POWER has shifted ground on two occasions. The second resulted in a light brush with POWNCE and it was not of such significance that it could be classed as clear interference. The incident at the top of the straight is due to PHELAN THE POWER shifting out and there is contact with POWNCE. Thus, there is interference to POWNCE, which is caused by PHELAN THE POWER

The margin is a head. The Committee is not satisfied that the interference by PHELAN THE POWER is sufficient to warrant a change of placings. The Committee agrees with the Stewards that a crucial factor is the extent of interference to POWNCE. It is difficult to assess the degree of momentum lost by POWNCE and thus the ground that the horse lost. Both horses finished the race off well. POWNCE had almost the whole length of the straight to get past PHELAN THE POWER. It did not. It could not be said that POWNCE was finishing better than PHELAN THE POWER, as that horse was also still giving at the line.

The Committee has to be of the opinion that POWNCE would have finished ahead of PHELAN THE POWER had the interference not occurred. On the evidence before the Committee, it is not. The protest is dismissed.

Judge’s placings stand. Stakes and dividends are to be paid accordingly.

Decision Date: 28/11/2021

Publish Date: 01/12/2021