Matamata RC 30 March 2022 – R1 – Craig Grylls

ID: RIB8289

Craig Grylls - Jockey

Mr B Jones - Stipendiary Steward

Mr G R Jones

Persons Present:
Mr B Jones, Mr N Goodwin, Mr C Grylls

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Careless Riding

638(1)(d) - Riding/driving infringement - careless riding


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Matamata Racing Club

Race Location:
Matamata Racecourse - 7555 State Highway 27, R D 3, Matamata, 3440

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Matamata RC

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Rider Craig Grylls suspended for 5 days


Following the running of Race 1, the Matamata Functions Centre 1600, the Respondent Class A Rider Craig Grylls admitted a charge of careless riding which was filed pursuant to Rule 638(1)(d).  The Information alleged that as the Rider of DIOSA LUNA he angled his mount outward near the 275m dictating CASPER (L Innes) into the line of GOODO JO which was checked. 

The Respondent acknowledged he understood the Rule and confirmed his admission of the breach.

Rule 638(1)(d) provides: A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Adjudicative Committee considers to be careless.

Using the available race films Stipendiary Steward Mr Goodwin demonstrated the incident and identified the horses and Riders concerned.

Mr Goodwin said that on the point of the home turn Mr Grylls shifted his mount outwards in search of clear running.  In doing so, he said that Mr Grylls dictated CASPER (L Innes) wider in to the running line of  GOODO JO (A Mudhoo) who was checked.

In response, Mr Grylls stated although he agreed with the Stewards’ interpretation of the incident, it did not have a bearing on CASPERS final placing, and he added that the Rider of GOODO JO’s inexperience could have been a factor in that horse being checked.


As the Respondent admitted the breach the Adjudicative Committee finds the breach proved.

Submission for Penalty:

Stipendiary Steward Mr Jones produced the Respondent’s riding record which indicated four previous breaches under the Careless Riding Rule in the last 12 months, namely:

09 April 2021 at Awapuni – 3 days suspension + $250

23 June 2021 at Counties – 4 days suspension + $500

12 February 2022 at Waikato – 6 days suspension + $400

19 February 2022 at Auckland – 7 days + $1500 (Black type race)

Mr Jones said that the Respondent has had over 800 rides in the past 12 months; he is a busy National Rider and but for his most recent offending his overall record is good.

Mr Jones assessed the level of carelessness to be in the low range. He said that although CASPER was forced wider on the track it was weakening the interference to GOODO JO was minimal.

Mr Jones invited the Adjudicative Committee to take into account when considering penalty, the Respondent’s admission of the breach and the impact that Covid-19 is currently having on Rider availability.

The Respondent sought a deferment to any proposed suspension until after racing on 2 April 2022.  He had nothing further to add in terms of penalty.

Reasons for Penalty:

After considering the submissions and reviewing the race films the Adjudicative Committee determined Mr Grylls’ carelessness to be in the low range and adopted a 5-day suspension as the starting point. This conforms with the NZTR Penalty Guide (as of 1 March 2022).

The available films clearly established that the Respondent allowed his mount to shift outward, dictating CASPER on to GOODO JO. Although the shift was clearly in breach of the Rule the shift was not abrupt and impact on the two affected runners was slight, with GOODO JO most affected in that it had to change ground.

Although this is the Respondent’s fifth breach of the Rule in the past 12-months, on this occasion it is treated as a neutral factor due to the fact that he is one of the countries busiest Riders having had over 800 rides in the last 12 months.   Whilst no uplift is applied for his record, no credit is given for his admission of the breach.  Further, in assessing penalty consideration was given to the Covid-19 impacts affecting Rider availability as submitted by Mr Jones.

Accordingly, after consideration of the above factors a 5-day suspension was imposed.  Mr Grylls’ application for deferment is approved.


Mr Grylls’ licence to ride in races is suspended for a period of 5 days commencing after racing on 2 April 2022 and concluding after racing on 9 April 2022.

Decision Date: 30/03/2022

Publish Date: 31/03/2022