Matamata RC 22 December 2023 (heard 23 December 2023 at Te Rapa) – R9 – Billy Jacobson

ID: RIB31113

William Jacobson - Jockey

Ms L Selvakumaran - Stipendiary Steward

Hon JW Gendall KC

Persons Present:
Ms Selvakumaran, Mr Jacobson, Mr A Dooley - Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Race Related Charge

Used whip above shoulder height

638(3)(f)(ii) - Contravention whip rule


Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Matamata Racing Club

Race Location:
Matamata Racecourse - 7555 State Highway 27, R D 3, Matamata, 3440

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Te Rapa

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Jockey, Billy Jacobson fined $250


This Information was dealt with by the Adjudicative Committee on 23 December 2024 at Te Rapa as it could not be presented and heard within the time required by Rule 902(a)(iii), namely within 30 minutes of Race 9, being namely the last race of the day.  So, the jurisdiction of the Adjudicative Committee did not then exist.

After the Information was presented, the hearing of it was deferred until the next day where the same Adjudicative Committee was operating.

The Information presented by the Stipendiary Stewards contented that, Mr Jacobson committed a breach of Rule 638(a)(f)(ii) by striking his mount SMOKESHOW with the whip in an action where he raised his arm above shoulder height over the final 100 metres.

The Race films depicted the events which showed that after SMOKESHOW had run into a clear lead at the 300 metre point when 2 other horses began to challenge from the 100 metre point he forcefully applied the whip to his mount 3 times, using an extravagant action with the arm well above his shoulder height.  His mount was just headed into second place just short of the finish.

Mr Jacobson said that his horse was hanging inwards to be close to the running rail and he could not properly use his whip (left handed) because of insufficient room on his inside.


As Mr Jacobson admitted the breach it was found proved.

Submissions for Penalty:

The Informant submitted that although Mr Jacobson had other whip rule breaches, this was his first breach of striking with his whip in this manner. She said a penalty of $250 was required under the Guidelines.

Mr Jacobson made no penalty submissions.


According, Mr. Johnson is fined $250 (about $20 above his riding percentage fee for second place).

Decision Date: 23/12/2023

Publish Date: 27/12/2023