Invercargill HRC 21 May 2022 – R1 – TIOGA PASS

ID: RIB9163

Sheree Tomlinson - Driver

Miss R Haley, Stipendiary Steward

Mr N Skelt

Persons Present:
Miss Haley, Mr S Renault Stipendiary Steward, Mr Nigel McIntyre Chief Stipendiary Steward

Information Number:

Decision Type:

870(3) - Riding/driving infringement - Breaking Horse Regulations

Not Contested

TIOGA PASS broke in excess of 50 metres in the final 200 metres

Animal Name:


Race Date:

Race Club:
Invercargill Harness Racing Club

Race Location:
Ascot Park Raceway - 29 Findlay Road, Ascot, Invercargill, 9810

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Ascot Park Racecourse

Outcome: Protest Upheld

Penalty: TIOGA PASS disqualified from second placing

Summary of Facts:

Following the running of Race 1, Betavet Trot, Stipendiary Steward, Miss R Haley filed an Information A16530 pursuant to Rule 870(3) instigating a protest into the second placed horse by the judge, TIOGA PASS (Miss S Tomlinson). She alleged that TIOGA PASS broke an excess of 50m in the last 200m of the race.

The judges provisional placings were:

1st – No 3 – One More Moment (B Orange)

2nd – No 4 – Tiago Pass (S Tomlinson)

3rd – No 1 – The Power Broker (B Williamson)

4th – No 5 – Justine Jaccka (M Williamson)

Rule 870(3) provides that: any horse which breaks from its gate shall promptly regain its proper gate.

The breaking horse regulations provide that (b) any horse that breaks from its gate within the final 200m of its race in any race and continues on the break for a distance of 50m or greater shall be deemed to be in breach of rule 870(3) and has failed to regain its proper gate.

Submissions for Decision:

Miss Haley stated that Miss Tomlinson, the Driver of TIOGA PASS did not wish to contest the protest or attend the hearing. Miss Haley requested Mr Renault highlight the incident which clearly showed TIOGA PASS breaking in excess of 50m within the final 200m.


TIOGA PASS was disqualified from second placing, the amended placings are;

1st – No 3 – One More Moment

2nd – No 1 – The Power Broker

3rd – No 5 – Justine Jaccka

4th – No 9 – Father On Down

Authority was given for stake money and dividends to be paid in accordance with the amended placings.

Decision Date: 21/05/2022

Publish Date: 24/05/2022