Canterbury JC 7 August 2021 – R8 – Temyia Taiaroa

ID: RIB3951

Temyia Taiaroa - Apprentice Jockey

J P Oatham, Chief Stipendiary Steward

Mr R G McKenzie (Chair) and Ms L Yong

Persons Present:
D M Walsh, Apprentice Jockey Mentor

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Adjudicative Decision

Careless Riding

638 (1) (d)


Animal Name:
Wannabe ‘N’ Paris


Race Date:

Race Club:
Canterbury Jockey Club

Race Location:
Riccarton Park - 165 Racecourse Road, Christchurch,

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:
Riccarton Park, Christchurch

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Apprentice Jockey Temyia Taiaroa suspended for 3 days and fined $250


Ms Taiaroa was charged that, as the Rider of WANNABE ‘N’ PARIS in Race 8, Pure Champion @ Willow Glen Stud Rating 74, she allowed her mount to shift in passing the 1000 metres dictating RODOLFO (Sam Weatherley) inwards on to SIR BEETS (Jonathan Riddell) in on to TELL ME MORE  (Faye Lazet), which was checked.


Mr Oatham had Stipendiary Steward, Mr M R Davidson, show video replays of the incident with approximately 1000 metres to run. He pointed out WANNABE ‘N’ PARIS, ridden by Ms Taiaroa, racing 4-wide as the field approached the turn out of the back straight. There were three runners racing on its inside, RODOLFO, SIR BEETS and TELL ME MORE. Mr Davidson showed that Ms Taiaroa then placed pressure on the inside runners, tightening them, with TELL ME MORE receiving a check and having to be restrained and lose its position. Ms Taiaroa had moved from 4-wide to 3-wide, Mr Davidson said. He demonstrated on the side-on video replay that Ms Taiaroa was not quite clear of the inside runners that were dictated inwards. TELL ME MORE had made contact with the running rail, he said.

Ms Taiaroa said the her mount was “hanging in a bit” and she had tried to keep off the inside runners. She thought that she had only two horses on her inside and was not aware that Ms Lazet had been inside them. She had heard Mr Weatherley call to her.

Mr Walsh said that the build-up to the incident had been very gradual. In the earlier investigation of the incident, Mr Weatherley had said that he did not know that there was another horse inside Mr Riddell’s mount. Ms Taiaroa had her mount’s head turned out but things got increasingly tight. RODOLFO and SIR BEETS held their spots and something had to give, Mr Walsh said, with TELL ME MORE being unable to hold its spot and being checked out of it.


Ms Taiaroa has admitted the breach and it is found proved.


Mr Oatham said that Ms Taiaroa’s record shows one previous breach – on 23 January 2021 at Wellington for an above mid-range breach, suspended for 4 days and fined $250. Her record can be regarded as a good one. Ms Taiaroa has admitted the breach and Stewards viewed the breach as being low-level carelessness. She has made some effort to relieve pressure to the runners on her inside, Mr Oatham said, and was unaware that there were three runners on her inside approaching the bend. Mr Davidson said that Ms Taiaroa had 339 rides in the season just concluded.

Mr Walsh said that Ms Taiaroa was seeking a deferment until after the third day of the meeting on 14 August in the expectation that she would possibly secure mounts between now and then. She did have rides at Woodville on Friday, 13 August, he said. Mr Oatham said the he had no objection to a deferment until after 14 August.


The Penalty Guidelines provide for a starting point of a $250 fine and a 4-days suspension for a low-range careless riding breach. There are no aggravating factors. Mitigating factors are Ms Taiaroa’s good riding record and her admission of the breach and she is entitled to some recognition of these by way of a discount. That discount will take the form of 1 national riding day.


The application for a deferment of suspension is granted. Ms Taiaroa’s Apprentice Jockey (Class B) Licence is suspended for 3 national riding days commencing after 14 August up to and including 21 August 2021. In addition, she is fined the sum of $250.

Decision Date: 07/08/2021

Publish Date: 09/08/2021