Ashburton RC 8 July 2021 – R 5 – Meghan Gestain

ID: RIB3332

Meghan Gestain - Apprentice Jockey

Mr M R Davidson, Stipendiary Steward

Mr R G McKenzie (Chair) and Mr D Anderson (Member)

Persons Present:
Mr M R Davidson - Stipendiary Steward, Mr J P Oatham - Chief Stipendiary Steward, Ms M Gestain - the Respondent, Mr M R Pitman - Licensed Trainer (Class A) and Mr D M Walsh - Apprentice Jockey Mentor

Information Number:

Decision Type:
Adjudicative Decision

Careless Riding




Race Date:

Race Club:
Ashburton Racing Club

Race Location:
Ashburton Raceway - Racecourse Road, Ashburton, 7700

Race Number:

Hearing Date:

Hearing Location:

Outcome: Proved

Penalty: Apprentice Jockey Meghan Gestain suspended from 9 July to 29 July both dates inclusive - 10 riding days


Ms Gestain was charged with careless riding in directing her mount inwards when not sufficiently clear of SLAMMER (C T Campbell) which was checked near the 350 metres.

Mr Davidson had Chief Stipendiary Steward, Mr J P Oatham, demonstrate the incident on video replays. He pointed out QUEEN SWEEP, ridden by Ms Gestain, racing midfield behind runners as the field turned into the home straight. SLAMMER, ridden by Mr Campbell, was behind and to her inside.

Entering the straight, Ms Gestain angled her mount inwards and completely into the line of Mr Campbell, who had to check his mount quite severely to avoid her heels, Mr Oatham said. With the use of the back straight video replay, Mr Oatham was able to demonstrate that Ms Gestain would have been ¾ length clear of Mr Campbell at best. Ms Gestain went on to win the race, Mr Oatham said.

Mr Pitman said that Ms Gestain had been on the heels of the horse in front and went for a gap to her outside that closed when that horse “rolled out” and she then shifted in to avoid heels and, unfortunately, caused the interference when Mr Campbell had nowhere to go.  Ms Gestain had admitted the charge, Mr Pitman said.

Mr Walsh said that, initially, there was not a lot of movement, but Ms Gestain went for a run inside ARE YOU CEREAL but, when her horse made contact with Mr Campbell’s mount, it moved and she could be seen trying to straighten it, but it was too late.

Mr Davidson said that, at the end of the day, there was no run for Ms Gestain, hence the charge.


Ms Gestain had admitted the charge.


Mr Davidson told the hearing that Ms Gestain has had four breaches of the careless riding rule in the last 12 months – Omakau on 27 November 2020 (5 days), Southland on 11 February (4 days and $250), Riccarton on 10 April (5 days and $400) and Waimate on 13 June (7 days).

Her record is an aggravating factor, Mr Davidson submitted. Stewards saw this breach as being at the higher end of the scale, Ms Gestain having caused a “nasty check” to Mr Campbell. The Penalty Guide provides for a starting point of a 9-day suspension for a high range breach, and Stewards were submitting for a penalty of a 9-10 day suspension including at least two South Island days. A fine was not appropriate, he said.

Mr Pitman said that Ms Gestain would take a suspension immediately.


The Committee agreed with Mr Davidson’s assessment of the breach as being in the high range. The starting point for that is a 9-day suspension. For her admission of the breach, Ms Gestain is given a discount of 1 day. However, her record, which can only be described as poor, is a clear aggravating factor. We have added an uplift of 2 days for that record to arrive at a final penalty of a 10-day suspension which, appropriately, includes two South Island meetings – South Canterbury on 16 July and Oamaru on 25 July). That penalty will commence immediately.


Ms Gestain is suspended for 10 riding days from 9 July to 29 July 2021 inclusive.

Decision Date: 08/07/2021

Publish Date: 09/07/2021