Canterbury Jockey Club @ Riccarton Park, Thursday, 30 June 2022
Date: 08/07/2022

Race 4 SPEIGHT’S MAIDEN (1600m)
CEEDOUBLEUJAY (M McNab) – Upon return to the stable, CEEDOUBLEUJAY underwent a veterinary examination which included and endoscopic examination with results revealing the gelding to be suffering from a respiratory infection. CEEDEOUBLEUJAY has now been put on a five-day course of antibiotics and has also been sent for a freshen up.

CAITLYN JAY (T Moseley) – Trainer Mr. A Carston reported to Stewards, that on Friday 1 July, CAITLYN JAY underwent a veterinary examination which revealed significant lameness and bruising starting to develop to the left front foot. A Carston further advised the mare has been placed on antibiotics and will be rested until the bruising and lameness subsides.